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Blowing rainbow coloured bubbles everyday

Welcome to Trinity Youth Association's Support Service for LGBTQI+ young people and the people who support them. Whatever colour is on your flag you are welcome here!

Trinity has been supporting LGBTQI+ young people since 1998 (before your nan thought it was cool ) and although our offer  might change from time to time we are here to stay. 

" I look forward to group all week."

" Trinity is where I feel understood and where I feel seen."

Trinity aims to provide an all round package including social groups for all ages, person centred support and guidance for families and professionals. If you don't see what you need here don't be afraid to let us know. We're always open to bright ideas!

"My youth worker is always there for me  and helps me to cope when I'm having a bad time."

"My daughter made so many friends at Trinity. It's been a real turn around."

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Transgender  Support Groups

'T' and Coffee

This group meets in central Newcastle on  Wednesday afternoons and is open to anyone 15-25 years of age who identifies as Trans/ NB or who needs a safe space in which to explore their gender identity with like minded souls.

The exact address and times of group meetings will be made available to you after you contact the youth worker. 

'T' and  Coffee has been  running for over a decade. It is a warm, friendly and mutually  supportive group where members can talk freely about issues and get up to date accurate information to help with transition.

"Its exactly what I needed when I first came out. "

"T and Coffee was the first place where  I felt I really fitted in."

"It's where I met my closest friends."

Group sessions are structured to ensure that everyone feels safe and involved. Session topics are relevant to current members needs and interests and have  included: 'tackling transphobia', voice management, climbing, Trans sexual health, LGBT 'theirstory', cooking, online games...

 'Members are encouraged to lead discussions, organise games or share skills and knowledge if and when they are comfortable doing so.  

'T' and Coffee aims to be welcoming and accessible. Please discuss any particular needs or concerns with the youth worker before attending.

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LGBTQI+ Support Groups (Northumberland)

All Under One Roof

This group meets bi-weekly, to share experiences, make friends and have fun. There are two groups: one for 13-18 s and a group for 19-25s.

'All Under One Roof'  has been running  consistently for 20 years in south east Northumberland. We promise a warm welcome, a safe space to be your best queer self  and great support (if you want it.) 

Groups meet in  Bedlington or online. 

Please contact Sarah or Debs for  meeting days /times. Group programmes are member led so make sure you let us know what works for you. Recent activities have included: Beach BBQs, Conspiracy Theories & Urban Myths , On-Line Games Nights, Mindfulness and developing coping strategies...


Did You Know?

  • 29 countries recognise same-sex marriage.

  • Non- Binary people sometimes prefer the pronouns  'they' or 'theirs', or 'ze' or 'zem'. 

  • 23 countries still have the death penalty or stoning as options for punishing same-sex acts.

  • Pansexuals don't limit their sexual choice by biology, gender or gender identity.

1:1 Support

We provide 1:1 support for young people when they need a trusted adult to talk things through with, support with practical issues or information about anything LGBT related.

COUNSELLING - coming soon!


School Groups

We can support schools to help them develop their school environment into an LGBTQ+ friendly environment. We do charge for this service.
We can also support you to set up your own LGBT pupils group.
Please contact us for further information.

Parents Support

Support Services for Parents of Trans/Non-Binary Young People

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Peer Support Group

It can be really tough being the parent of a young person who is exploring their gender identity. Particularly at first: "Is it my fault?" "Is it a phase?" "What should I do to help?" 

A friendly, group of 'every day' parents who meet monthly to share experiences and knowledge.

"Knowing that I'm not alone and hearing what other people have done was really reassuring."

Information and Support

If you are a young person, parent, teacher or social worker there maybe questions you have which you would rather ask a real person than Google . We aim to provide up to date, accurate, identity positive information and reassurance.
Whether you have questions about social transitioning, changing a name, tackling homophobia, applying for gender,  reaffirming treatment, legal rights or just about the right word to use, we're here to help.  
Be curious. Be supportive. Ask us!

Family Portrait
Image by Ardalan Hamedani


 coming soon


Did You Know?

  • Some people are Transgender and Gay

  • 45% of LGBT young people in schools are bullied

  • Trans children who are accepted by their parents have much better outcomes.

  • AMAB means 'Assigned Male at Birth'

On line support

We hold regular group and 1:1 support services online using Teams. If you are interested in joining this service please contact us.


If you are a professional working with a LGBTQI child or young person and have a query, get in touch. You know your client group best and have all the right skills but everyone has questions. Right? Don't risk offending someone or not taking action when it's needed. Instead, ring us for a confidential chat...

01670 531843


Professional CPD training

We can provide training for staff and employees to help make an LGBTQ+ friendly work place. We charge for this service, please contact us for further information.

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